घर में रहिये सुरक्षित रहिये और बनाइये पैसे रोजाना – Very easy way to earn money at home

Very easy way to earn money at home
Stock Market

Due to coronavirus outbreak, you should avoid going outside. You can earn more money during stay home with Angel Broking Trading in share market. Do not miss your free time, use your free time to trade in the share market with the right guidance.

Strategy For intraday and short term trading in CASH market :

Trade on daily with Angel Technical Research calls with intraday and short term. Attempt the calls on same time when it hits in your technical queue list, only you have to take intraday and short term calls for CASH Buy/Sell from list of stocks. Intraday calls will be settle on same day and you can hold short term calls in your portfolio for short term till the profit booking.

Take the daily fixed number of trade with a fixed quantity of shares, you can make your numbers but whatever the mathematics pattern should be the same on a daily basis.  Fix your profit and Lose in ratio like 1:1 or 1:2 before every trade through SL and Profit booking limits. Set your limit accordingly.

How to Pay in and Pay out money in your account through Angel Broking trading mobile application:

Login mobile application and go for option “Funds”  and then you will get another screen where you can add funds and Withdraw funds, as shown in below images.

Angel Broking trading App

How to place Buy/Sell order in Angel mobile Application:

Login mobile application and go to the My Watchlist and type any stock name under search area, it will display the stock in CASH, FUTURE and OPTION, you need to select stock under CASH as shown in 1st image.

Click on Buy or Sell as shown in 2nd image.

Product type :

  1. Intraday – Trade will be settle on same day, if not settled by trader exchange will square off your position 15 minute before market close.
  2. Margin (MTF) – Margin refers to money borrowed from your Broker(like Angel Broking) to trade securities, which forms the collateral for the loan from the broker. Individual investors can buy more stocks than they can afford to through availing MTF (Margin Trading Facility).
  3. Delivery – Delivery based trading means the stocks you buy are added to your demat account, once you take delivery of shares you can hold them as long as you want, in this case margin will not be required to buy shares in delivery because you will make complete payment of stock value.

Order Type :

  1. Limit – If you want to take position in stock at particular price rate then you need to select Limit option there, in this case you have to mention limit price at which you want to execute your trade.
  2. Market – If you want to take position in stock at market price then you need to select Market option there, in this case you not required to mention Price there, trade will be executed at market price after submit request.
Angel Broking trading App

How to Check your Order Status and Holdings:

Go to the option “Trade” and select the “Order Status” to see executed trade status and select “Holding” to check your stocks detail in holding and Select “Position” to check your profit/loss of trade on same day purchase, as shown below image.

Angel Broking trading App

Offering and benefits to the client of Platinum Advisory :

You can prefer Platinum Advisory of Angel Broking, it will give you the best advisory to boost your portfolio, as described below.

Platinum Advisory : Driven by the award-winning Angel Research Team, Angel Platinum Portfolio Advisory Service will give you actionable advice including good quality fundamental stock picks. It will help you build wealth from a long term perspective through balanced & diversified equity portfolios.

  • Dedicated Portfolio Advisor to track and advice on Stocks Investment.
  • Personalized advisory basis customer risk profiling to build a high-quality portfolio in the long term.
  • Weekly P&L of the portfolio with comparison to Nifty
  • Monthly Newsletters personalized to customer Portfolio
  • Special Monthly Webinars on Markets and Investment Opportunities
  • Quarterly Result update on recommended stocks

Angel Broking Trading Platinum Advisory service is for the clients who are busy and don’t have time to track and manage their portfolio. By registering for Angel Platinum client will get a dedicated Advisor who will track portfolio and provide personalized advise basis risk profiling.

Angel Broking Trading App

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